Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles says that the policy framework of states in Texas have increased the number of jobs. When compared to the whole nation, Texas has witnessed a pre-recession job recovery two years earlier. By January 2016, Texas added 1.3 million jobs and the unemployment rate has been consistently lower than the whole of the country. In April alone, it was 4.4 percent as compared to 5 percent across the nation.
Additionally consumer confidence has been strong and high; May’s Texas Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), which measures economic optimism by assessing savings and spending trends, was 117.6, as opposed to the U.S. CCI of 92.6. The booming Texas economy, triggered by over $5 billion in tax cuts in the last three years has been positive for the real estate market. The yearly price of existing houses went up by 5.9 percent and the number of single-family building permits went up by 6 percent.

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