For many years, small suburban towns built around manufacturing, education and other services furthered the American Dream. Now, many of these communities are rapidly evolving to meet the needs of a strengthening consumer market with different living and spending habits. Population increases in communities outside cities such as Dallas, Austin, Charlotte, Atlanta, San Antonio, Houston, Denver, Nashville and Portland have begun exceeding those of the city core as new, transit friendly complexes are erected. In December, the Urban Land Institute stated that, “contrary to popular perception and most media attention, three-quarters of 25 to 34 year olds in the 50 largest metro areas live in the suburbs.” On that note, says Marcus Hiles, is Millennials’ preference to continue renting after they leave the city. Throughout the United States, upmarket apartments are being built at an astonishing rate, transforming old manufacturing sites and undeveloped acres into luxurious living spaces centered around lifestyle amenities.

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